About and FAQ


Hi! I am the hobbyist behind the projects you see here and the site itself.

I enjoy playing with electronics and some coding on my spare time, since my day job is mostly unrelated to these things. 


I am happy to have been featured at the following sites:


adafruit (lora)



hackaday (msg)

hackaday (lora)


hackster.io (msg)

hackster.io (lora)


tom's hardware



raspberryme (french) 



*please reach out to me if you see my stuff anywhere else, happy to add it to this list!



This is from questions I gotten in your emails:


  • Q) Are you selling or planning to sell kits? These questions are mainly related to the MSG LoRa but also the cyberdecks.
  • A) I'd love to give it a go at selling some kits. Note that I am making available everything needed to put one together (parts, code, 3d printable files..) so this wouldn't be an enterprise per se. More of a way to make it easier for people to assemble their kits and maybe support my efforts. I will make sure to share any updates if I get around to make a kit for sale.


  • Q) I put together some project either inspired or replicating your designs, would you like to know about it?
  • A) Absolutely! and I would be more than happy to feature it in this site if you want, just shoot me an email.


  • Q)How do you make money?
  • A) I kinda don't, but I have a day job to take care of that. The amazon links bring in the neighborhood of $10 a month, which in NYC goes about as far as a round trip on the subway and a slice of pizza.



Contact Info: msg@msglab.co


Thank you for checking the site and do reach out with any feedback or even to just say hi.

News Feed

  • 26Feb21 - After a long pause on projects I redid the website with Strapi v4 and cleaned up a few things. Please reach out with any issues you see with the new layout at msg@msglab.co (or any of the social media links in top right of the page). Thanks! 
  • 30Apr21 - Added a Readme page to the Github and cleaned it up a bit.
  • 30Apr21 - Added a page for the MSG v2. This is an upgrade to the MSG to make it easier to assemble and maintain.
  • 30Jan21 - Added a page with the assembly instructions for the LoRa msg.
  • 27Jan21 - Added social media links to the newly created twitter and instagram accounts.
  • 24Jan21 - Added a page for the LoRa Msg. A texting communicator that works like a walkie talkie.
  • 7Jan21 - Added a page for the Gherkin keyboard I assembled.
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