MSG Cyberdeck
Last updated Fri Feb 25, 2022

The MSG Cyberdeck is a deck with enough tricks under the hood to be your daily driver for computing, hacking, learning and experimenting. Since it is a 3D printed DIY build, repairs and upgrades are core to the MSG capabilities. 

Why would you want to build something like this?

Well maybe because you want:

  • Control over the hardware on your electronics (no microphones or cameras for example)
  • To run all your boring corp software (Win 10, Excel…)
  • To be able to open, repair, improve, change your hardware
  • To learn electronics with linux, raspberry, arduino…
  • To have a mechanical keyboard on a portable device
  • To have something to do with all the newfound free time at home
  • To get frowned upon at airports if they stick around long enough for you to use one again




The current build includes an i7 NUC on the left and a raspberry pi 4 on the right.

The raspberry pi is able to run on the go thanks to a couple of 3.6mAh 18650.

The front has the keyboard and under it there is a KVM switch that allows the msg to share the screen, keyboard and a usb plug between both systems, for a seamless transition.

The screen is a 7inch touchscreen, leaving some space to the right of it that I used to add an eInk display, breakout board and a Pimoroni micro dot phat.


Ok, now that you are semi-convinced. This site's hope is to help you out putting together your very own msg. If you consider embarking on the project, please reach out and also join the cyberdeck discord to share your experience!


Designed, printed, soldered and assembled in Brooklyn. Like... in the living room of a small 1 br apartment... where the monthly rent is about as much as I paid for a car when I lived in Texas… but I digress…


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