MSG Cyberdeck - Software
Last updated Wed Mar 9, 2022

This section will cover the software I used to develop the msg as well the software you may want to use to get started with it.


Development Software:

TinkerCad - I started with TinkerCad, and I would recommend it to anyone getting started with 3D design with not background on.. well.. anything related to 3D design.

Fusion 360 - after about ½ year toying with TinkerCad I moved the project to Fusion 360 and continued there, it is really the natural step once you get comfortable with the basics

TinkerCad is free, and I only used the free / hobbyst version of Fusion 360, which is more than enough to develop thins like this



3D STL Files (Thingiverse)


Operating Software:

Python file to run the eInk screen. I may add a how to to make it load on startup.