Last updated Fri Feb 25, 2022


This is a post about the assembly of the PocketType I bought on mechboards. I plan to use it as a keyboard on the go and as a test to see if it is actually functional or more of a novelty.

Assembly is straight forward, the instructions on the mechboards website is all you need . The keyboard worked right away except the leds. The default setting makes sense, but I may buy some stickers or find a way to get legends on at least some of the caps





pockettype - the star of this show

elite c - way overkill, but looks pretty and the usb c is nice. Any pro micro will do and they go for about $5



solder iron

smoke absorber - important if you solder with lead-based tin

micro cutter - to clip the tips after solder

solder reel stand

ESD-safe brush - any brush will do to clean dust and remove residue


small bits and sundries electronics tools - they play well with the electric screwdriver

rotex - I got that off eBay, the ones for sale now (like the dymo on amazon) appear to be very poorly build by comparison

self-healing cutting mat



tip tinner - to keep the solder iron in tip top condition

rosin - makes soldering easier

solder wire - I use the lead one because it is easier, but with enough skill you should be able to move to lead-free wires

99% ipa - great for cleaning residue.

M2 4 and 6mm screws - I like the dark color and flat top better than the ones it came with. I didn't have 10mm (which are used in the back), so the back uses the ones it came with.

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